WIP of a commission c: wARCRAFT

Commission for Founder on FR, their Coatl Athos c:

Superhero Coatl to the rescue!

Flat Lineart Commission of robo's dragon OC over on FR c:

Couldn’t help myself and added the teeniest tiniest bit of shading…

Oh yeah, if any of my followers joined Flight Rising today or are planning to join (registration is still open!) you can add me as a friend and I will give you dragons!

My lair c:

Finished this! I’m really really happy with how it came out. This and hopefully some other stuff will be available on redbubble soon (with a smaller signature obviously), send an ask my way if you have any requests on what else you’d like to see there as well!

ok but guess who’s rewatching fma and guess who’s makin fanart of the lil shitstain that made them cr y….. …………. ..


I’m a pain in the ass you know that and I’m really sorry.
but I’ve seen lot of Mass Effect fan-art stocked here without any credit.
The site is russian and I didn’t studied this language at school, so I don’t know how to put my hands. The only thing I wanted was to send a polite email to the admins, just to make sure they will credit almost the authors, but… er… Cyrillic. That’s the problem. And google translate can’t really help.
If a good soul can help, please help, just to advise the admins that someone worked a lot to create those artworks and they should fix the thing <3

I need to take a break on this for now but

I’m def gonna finish this

cause I kinda sorta maybe wanna make it into a tshirt

Did a draw. Still getting used to the new tablet

ref used

Everyone’s doing inktober and I’m just sitting here painting dragons at 3:30 am

I’ll probably open up commissions for sketchy portraits like this over on FR soon so I can save up for my flight change quicker. This lady is the dragon version of spadetheartist's Avantia~

Finished this! ~

Tis my dear Siderius nwn

First time in ages I want to finish something and of course it’s fanart lol.

anyone wanna help me pick a coatl from my lair to turn this into?

okay so for my fellow artists struggling with drawing different poses

try this website

it’s magical


There’s been so many otps on my dash


@mynameiscloud won second place in my giveaway and wanted turian and krogan babies. Have some hella cute oh man I need to make more of this!